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October 5-6, 2019 










Do the things you always wanted to

What would you like to accomplish in your life? If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do? The Empowered Life Breakthrough Weekend Seminar allows you to choose and experience those things you once only dreamed of.

Create what you want, now and in the future

What do you want to have in your life? If you could have anything at all, what would you want – emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually? The Empowered Life® Breakthrough to Success Seminar shows you specifically how to choose what is important for you and how to achieve those things you desire.

Personal Transformation

Nobody is perfect. We all have things we want to change. The question is what do you want to change? What would you like to improve? And how would you like things to be different? In The Empowered Life® Breakthrough to Success Seminar, you will learn the Creating Your Future® techniques to give you the power to make personal changes quickly and easily. 


What makes this seminar so incredible?

The Creating Your Future® process transforms the way you think. It helps you remove the blocks that prevent you from doing, having or changing what you want. Limiting decisions, limiting beliefs and conflicting values can be eliminated, affording you the ability to make new choices about yourself and your life.

"‪I feel so much lighter than before. I have noticed that I'm thinking in a more positive note. I have had most productive morning in the last few months. It feels as if I can do anything. I am sure that this feeling would last long term. At first, I was apprehensive about the seminar as I was not sure what it would entail. I am glad I came. I am extremely grateful that I was able let go. I now have tools to help me. Thank you so much‬."

Hardeep Purewal

"You are an inspirational change maker and I experienced many shifts and breakthroughs this weekend. The world needs you and the work you do."

Barb Wallick
Money Coach / Financial Planner

"‪I attended Teri’s breakthrough seminar last month. I felt amazing after, light almost giddy. I truly did not recognize how heavy the burden was that I was carrying. I find now it is much easier to respond rather than react to situations that come up and let go of whatever negative emotions arise. I have also opened myself up to opportunity with a clearer mind. Thank you for assisting me in empowering my life."

Sandra Wideen
Entrepreneur / Financial Literacy

"Recently I attended a Breakthrough to Success Seminar with Teri Holland, a Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy. Over the course of two days I worked with her using Time Line Therapy and I was able to push past childhood trauma that had me stuck in the past and was keeping me from moving forward in my life. I went into the two days with a lot of negative emotions and fears. Working with Teri was such a blessing, she is very professional and knowledgable in her practice and I felt so safe which allowed me to get the most out of the two days. In the end I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me and I left with a new skill set that I can practice going forward. I highly recommend Teri for anyone who may feel overwhelmed in their life, this was a serious life changing two days for me, I was able to move from where I was stuck and struggling to where I wanted to be in a very short period of time. Thank you so much Teri you are truly amazing"

Denise Dale
Entrepreneur / The Thoughtful Journal

"This woman is a powerful influencer. She has shown me the magic of clarity and emotional control. Letting go of past negative emotions has been a game changer in my life and I highly suggest you experience a breakthrough to success weekend with her! Teri’s teaching skills are on point and she injects such a powerful energy into her delivery. Highly recommended!"

Sandi Fisher
Hair Stylist / NourisHair Lounge

"I attended Teri's Breakthrough weekend at the beginning of June. I had heard of NLP but not of Time Line Therapy. All I can say is I wish I had, a hell of a lot earlier. What I experienced and witnessed in the room was just short of a miracle at work. By the end of the weekend, I felt so light, like the weight of years  of negatives were wiped away. "

Mat Boyer
Engagement Manager

"I've always been a happy person, well, mostly happy ... but I honestly haven't known the meaning of joy till my recent work with Teri Holland. I seriously didn't know that I was capable of, despite EVERYTHING crappy in life, waking up stoked and crazy happy and grateful to be alive day after day. It's the most remarkable thing...really really."

Lorri Klassen
Social Media Strategist / Klassen Marketing Co.

"I had the pleasure of attending Teri Holland's Breakthrough Weekend back in December 2017, with coaching I was able to be more focused, on track, and confident in myself. her Time Line Therapy really helped me to get unstuck, think more clearly, and move forward without past baggage holding me down. Teri has the unique ability to see and read people, pushing you when you need it, and holding back when you need the extra time to process the lesson with more time. Her tools have helped me to push myself outside my comfort zone and reach for my big dreams. I would highly recommend any of Teri’s programs, and feel blessed for her friendship, and to be a part of her community. "

Drupti Glowinkowski
Owner BOLDLOOKS – Esthetician, Make-Up Artist, SeneGence Distributor

"1 week after taking Teri's Breakthrough weekend, I'm still buzzing! In those 2 days, I was able to let go of emotional roadblocks that were standing in my way and now I'm more motivated to reach the goals I placed in my future. I was so at peace that when I went on vacation with my family (including 2 young toddlers) the next day, I was not as nervous as I usually am travelling with them and didn't lose my temper once the whole trip (although there were plenty of times I could have)! Thanks Teri for an amazing life-changing weekend!"

Ashley Doan
Writer Gal Marketing Services

"Life is so much better since The Breakthrough Weekend and all that has transpired since then has been amazing the universe sure has shifted. The hugest difference is in the way I handle situations - I am so focused with my business and success is just happening naturally and I’m attracting positive friendships with people who completely have my back. And on top of everything else I’m a better and more present mom to my kids. I just have a completely different life and it’s amazing!"

Kimberlea Masters
Health Coach

"There is so much I can say about Teri and The Empowered Life! She is an AMAZINGLY talented, inspiring, brilliant, beautiful, supportive woman/coach/trainer/friend that anyone could ever have! I have learned so much from her! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to transform their life, business, relationships, health and so on. You owe it to yourself to take a look at what she has to offer!"

Felisha Matthew
Intuitive Mindset Coach

" I took Teri Holland's workshop, and I didn't know what to expect or what outcomes I was really looking for. Without giving anything away, we did a process, and I found afterwards that I had rewritten the meaning around my birth and my birth parents and adoptive parents. Its hard to put in words, but I let go of a low-level energy of strife and resentment and anger I was holding. I just felt lighter and easier to be with myself. A number of months after that is still the case. I do recommend The Breakthrough to Success Weekend. You have no idea where your breakthrough might come, mine surprised me."

Jim Anderson
Entrepreneur / Anderson Prototypes

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What will you achieve?

Valuable skills you will learn include how to...

• Get back in touch with the life of your dreams
• Stop negative emotions that keep you from having what you want
• Let go of sadness, so that your joy for living can shine through
• Dissolve anger for greater personal control and well-being
• Eliminate the destructive power of guilt
• Move from fear into personal power
• Gain total emotional freedom for life
• Make the right decisions in your life
• Motivate yourself and get back your passion for living
• Learn a method of setting goals that really works
• Propel and launch yourself!

Breakthrough with Teri Holland

Teri helps people to breakthrough the stuff that holds them back from creating the life and success they truly want. 

Teri is an International, Board Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis Trainer, Master Time Line Therapy® Trainer, NLP Coach Trainer, Master Life Coach  and Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner. 

She is the creator of The Empowered Life® Academy, top 100 self-help podcast, The Empowered Life®, has a number of online course, live certification programs and is the co-creator of The Complete Speaker's System. 

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