What is Time Line Therapy®?

nlp time line therapy Dec 11, 2021
What is Time Line Therapy®?

Time Line Therapy® is the most advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) developed in the 1980's by Dr. Tad James.

By utilizing a persons individual time line, we can let go of past negative emotions, limiting decisions (or limiting beliefs) and creating a compelling future. 

What surprises clients the most is how quick and easy Time Line Therapy® is. It doesn't take months or years but only minutes to let go of a negative emotion and unwanted past programming. 

What is your time line?

 Your time line is simply how you represent the past, present and future in your mind. It's how you know the difference between a memory and a thought for the future. Time Line Therapy® gives us a set of techniques to utilize this time line to disconnect past negative emotions; anger, sadenss, fear, hurt, guilt etc. overcome limiting beliefs, such as "I'm not good enough" or "I can't have what I want" and create a compelling future. 

Why learn Time Line Therapy®?

People come to an NLP and Time Line Therapy® training for several personal and professional reasons and in most cases they're looking to improve their performance and effectiveness.

Some of the key benefits include and are not limited to:

  • improved performance
  • concise decision making
  • a clear and focused mind
  • improved communication
  • consistent achievement of goals

Upon learning Time Line Therapy®, you will be able to influence change within yourself and others, eliminate past negative emotions, identify and change limiting beliefs, inspire others through excellence and create a compelling future. 

As a coach: Learning Time Line Therapy® will give you the tools to facilitate  profound, and lasting transformation in your clients quickly. If you can help someone, and do it quickly, you will have greater success as a coach.

As a leader: Soft skills are in demand in todays world and to succeed as leader today you need to be able to communicate effectively, have emotional intelligence, be adaptable and manage your own internal state and behaviour. Time Line Therapy® will give you the tools to do this so that you stand out as leader and lead with excellence.

Make an impact.

Influence yourself first and then others. If you are a change maker and you want to make an impact, you need to unburden yourself of the past to create the impact you want and make your mark on the planet. Time Line Therapy® give you the tools to do just that. 

To learn more, contact me at [email protected] or comment below for more information. 

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