What is NLP?

Apr 16, 2019

When I first heard of NLP, I had no idea what it was.

"Neuro Linguistic Programming... you're going to program my mind? Is that like brainwashing?"

I had just hired a coach to work with to help me overcome some fear and anxiety. Ok, a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety. I hired him because he was a hypnotherapist, I had no idea what those 3 letters next to hypnotherapist on his card meant. NLP.

I am so grateful that NLP came into my life, because it completely transformed it. So much so that I was inspired to become a practitioner, then a master practitioner and now a trainer of NLP.

So what is it?

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro- Your neurology. Your human nervous system.

Linguistic- Language. The words you use to label your experiences, to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with others and how you communicate with yourself.

Programming- How your language programs your neurology to create behaviour and get results.

Simply put, NLP is the study of excellence. 

NLP is also a collection, a body of techniques, strategy and tools to help you live a life of excellence, overcome obstacles and to create the outcomes you want in all areas of life.

NLP requires practical application so it is usually taught in a live training. Now, people ask me all of the time if I would consider creating a digital training and the answer is no. There are online trainings out there, and maybe you can learn the theory of NLP online or from a book but to truly understand NLP and to be able to use it with proficiency, you need to learn it live in a classroom environment.

‚ÄčIn fact, I have had students come to me saying that they already know NLP because they studied it online and in books. They come to me because they want to get the certification to prove what they already know. Before they training ends they always say to me "I had no idea! I thought I knew NLP and now I realize I didn't". To really understand it, you need to learn live in a training.

Let's talk about what NLP is NOT. 

NLP is not manipulation.
NLP is not mind control.
NLP is not something to be afraid of.

NLP IS a tool. Can it be used to manipulate? Yes. So can a hammer. A hammer can be used to manipulate someone if used as a weapon. It can also be used to build a house. NLP is no different. It can be used to manipulate someone and it can be used to elicit incredible and powerful changes in people to help them live fulfilling and purposeful lives. For more about this, check out a recent video on my YouTube channel:

NLP IS a do with process. It is not a do-to process. Meaning we do NLP with our clients and with their involvement in the process. We do not do NLP to our clients. Therefore, NLP is not mind control.

NLP IS something that can be used to help you overcome irrational fears including any irrational fears of NLP :)

How can NLP help you?

  • Focus your mind toward what you want
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges with ease 
  • Get the outcomes you want 

When I went to my first coach, I just wanted to get out of fear and anxiety. I got far more than I bargained for. I found my passion and purpose in life.

My health improved- I overcame a 23 year battle with an autoimmune disorder. My relationships improved. I became an excellent communicator, more focused, clear about what I want in life, driven, and I became a high achiever.

‚ÄčOh and that fear and anxiety that had been crippling my life? Gone. It took me about 5 minutes to let go of all of that fear and about 2 minutes to release the anxiety.

Learn more about NLP and why you should learn it with this article here:






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