Unleash the Culture of Your Brand with David Reeve

Episode #144

“Inspire greatness in everyone, everywhere and leave them better than I found them”. This is David Reeve’s personal purpose in life.

Fueled by this personal purpose, David founded Unleash Culture™ to help brands build amazing cultures to accelerate their growth.

David has a proven track record of success resulting in 97 awards for business excellence and has contributed to building two of the largest award-winning brands in Canada.

Brands David has mentored have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Profit, Fox Business, Globe and Mail, Success, Fortune Small Business, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Alberta Venture and Dragon’s Den to name a few.

David has held a life-long fascination for why some brands have great cultures and why so many do not.

David’s research and experience lead him to understand that culture is either built by design or manifests by default.

Fascinated by the fact that, unfortunately, 90% usually manifest by default, David discovered missing key elements in what he calls a brand’s culture.

Today David is going to walk you through those key elements to building an award winning brand so you can use these as a foundation to building your brand.

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