Sales Training

Sales Training

If you are new in your own business and you're having a hard time selling, Empowered Sales can make all the differences in the world for you. Empowered Sales is an expert sales training program that can help you achieve your sales goals immediately. During this two-day event, you will learn the NLP 5-Step Sales Process and learn how to sell with ease. Instructor Teri Holland teaches NLP with her unique style and frame of reference, and graduates of this program report a 100% satisfaction rate and increased short-term and long-term sales.

Whether you own your own business or are a sales agent for a company, this small one-time investment will change your life forever and make you countless more dollars in the years to come. The first step toward sales success is to have a plan. It's always best to have a specific plan that you follow when proceeding through a sales visitation or anything in life for that matter. Just winging it or playing it by ear is much more exciting, but you're not going to be as successful in the long-run. To make the point, let's consider the following illustration.

Imagine two different pilots. Both pilots want to fly to Hawaii. The first pilot decides to fly from Point A to Point B. He jumps in his plane and takes off toward his destination. If the sky is clear, there are no storms or bad weather, all the equipment is working, and everything else goes his way, he'll probably make it to Point B.

The second pilot wants to fly from Point A to Point B as well. First, he plots out exactly how to get to Point B. Then, he checks the weather to determine if he needs to avoid any potentially bad situations. Then, just in case, he plans different backup routes in case his primary route doesn't pan out.

Who do you think is going to more consistently make it to Point B? Who do you see crashing much more often? For that matter, who would you rather fly with? How does this illustration correlate to NLP sales? The benefit of a 5-step sales process is that, like the second pilot, you will consistently get to Point B more often than the first pilot. You will have the confidence you need to make a sale because you will have modeled the steps necessary for your prospect to say "yes."

The best salespeople use a 5-step consultative approach. This approach is the most comfortable and effective for both you and your prospects. The 5-step sales approach flows perfectly with the human behavior pattern when buying a product or service. Perhaps the best part is that once you learn the 5-step sales approach, you'll be able to use it in any persuasion situation you come across. What are the five steps?

1. Build rapport
2. Ask questions
3. Find a need
4. Link the need to what you're selling
5. Close the sale

To learn how to synchronize these five steps for optimal success, sign up for the next two-day Empowered Sales training event today! Contact Teri Holland or reserve your spot on this website.

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