Speaking In Vancouver

Speaking In Vancouver

If you have a career, passion, or obligation that calls for either routine or occasional public speaking in Vancouver, then you likely already know the pressure and butterflies that come with speaking in front of others. Even the most well-prepared and well-thought-out speeches can be a disaster if we don't have control of ourselves at the podium (or wherever we're speaking). I am Coach Teri Holland, and I have been instructing clients how to prepare for and deliver great speeches for years successfully, and my students can attest to that better than I can! Please, check out my reviews. I provide people with the tools they need to succeed at speaking in public.

The Importance of Being an Effective Speaker

Stage fright, insecurity, and lack of experience can make an A+ speech an F- speech in no time! A great speech can make the sale, and a poor speech can break the sale. Whether you're speaking in front of auditoriums full of people or making sales presentations to small groups, mastering public speaking is crucial if you want to take your career to the next level. As you continue to ascend the ladder of success, you will be called on to speak at some point. Will you be ready?

Why I am I Qualified to be a Public Speaking Instructor?

Long before I started teaching people how to speak in front of audiences successfully, I was a trained actor. As an actor, I performed at countless auditions, and I had to learn how to act on demand. In front of both small groups and large groups, I had to learn how to overcome my own fears and self-doubts and give a worthy performance in front of extremely critical eyes. Fortunately, for most people, their audiences will be much more forgiving and much less critical than mine were!

To master my craft, I set about learning everything I could about public speaking and acting because public speaking (believe it or not) is synonymous with acting. I studied under the best public speaking coaches and instructors, I learned all the do's and don'ts. I put my newfound skills into practice over and over, and I experienced the results of what works and what doesn't first-hand.

What Will You Get for Your Money?

First and most importantly, you will learn how to overcome your stage fright and fear of rejection. Those fears will not go away entirely for some people, but the skills that I teach you will enable you to gain the mastery over your negative feelings associated with public speaking. Being in control of your self-doubts and fears will enable you to deliver your speech meticulously, effectively, and cerebrally. Plus, I will show you my proven methods for charismatic speaking and how to connect with even the toughest audiences.

More than that, I will teach you how to structure your speech, whether it's an informative speech or a persuasive speech; whether it's a short speech or a long speech. I will teach you how to give impromptu speeches, and you will learn how to get your message across to everyone within earshot. Speaking in Vancouver (or anywhere else) doesn't have to be scary. To master public speaking, contact Coach Teri Holland today.

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