Start your Day with Power Hour

by | Jun 21, 2015 | Motivation | 0 comments

The Power Hour is a technique created by Speaker Azim Jamal, to start your day on the right track! Listen to my latest podcast (episode 12) here to get the full scoop on what the power hour is and how to do it. If it's not on there yet (iTunes takes a little while) then hit the subscribe button to get the latest podcasts instantly.

Here's the workout I promised:

5 minutes of jumping rope or jumping jacks to warm up. You can alternate with marching on the spot. (1 min jacks or jump rope/ 1 min marching etc)

Timed (5 minutes) As many cycles through as possible
8 squat jumps
8 push-ups
15 bicycle crunches
Rest 1 min at the end. 

Timed (5 minutes) As many cycles through as possible 
8 lateral lunges (4/side)
8 dips (on a bench)
16 mountain climbers (16/side)

Cool Down & Stretch (5-10 min)

This is from the Vacation Guide. If you want a complimentary copy, fill out the info below and I will email you one.