Confidence is made, not born. Be the you, you've always wanted to be.


Are you ready to have the confidence you want so that you can create the success, relationships and lifestyle you deserve?

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Charisma is a process, which means you can do it too. Learn the secrets influential leaders use and imagine what these actionable strategies can do for you.


Your connections have a profound impact on your success. Building healthy and supportive relationships is easier than you think. Boundaries establish a framework that will help you thrive -- in love, life, and work. (Plus, learn how to spot your people.)


Improve your sales, grow your business. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Confidence allows you to build trust. When you’re certain, so are your clients.

A bit about me

and how I know I can help you to become more confident.

With simple steps, and a desire to change, you too can adopt any behaviour you want. 

I used to look at confident people and think, “If only I could be like them.”

But I was too shy and afraid to use my own voice. My insecurities stopped me from doing so many things I wanted to do.

Then I learned confidence can be learned. It’s a skill. A behaviour. And all I had to do was practice. 



What you will get in Total Confidence:

Other than unwavering, total confidence in any situation...

  • Learn the same secrets to confidence used by the most charismatic leaders of all time.

  • 8 self-paced modules designed for your convenience. No fluff or filler, just actionable steps you can use that get great results. Fast. 

  • A program with a holistic approach so you improve all areas of your life.

  • Both video and audio options so you can decide the best way you learn.

  • Receive support if you have questions or need clarification.

  • Unlimited access to each module for anytime you want a boost in confidence.


  • My Total Confidence Self Hypnosis recording. Hypnosis allows us to reprogram your neurology to create more confidence. Many Hollywood actors, professional athletes, and public figures use hypnosis to boost their confidence on a regular basis. Now you can too.
  • Money Mind Mastery online course. Learn how to develop confidence so you can make more money. If you want to create a healthier relationship with money, and feel confident charging for your services, then this bonus course is for you.
  • A 60 minute personal coaching session with Teri Holland (limited to the next 10 people who sign up) An exclusive chance to tackle any specific areas where you want more confidence. This offer is usually reserved for my High Performance Coaching packages. Yours, if you sign up today. 

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Total Confidence 


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With the right tools, you can LEARN how to be confident.

"I signed up for the Total Confidence Course and loved it! It really helped give me a much needed confidence boost! I also got to have a coaching call with Teri and it was awesome! She helped me identify and break through some of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back in my business. I came out of the call feeling focused, empowered, excited to start working on the things we discussed. If you're working on building your business I highly recommend working with Teri!"

Jaclyn Zubiena
Jaclyn Zubiena Coaching

"The course provided a considered well-rounded approach to improving confidence. No quick tricks, no 'lifehacks' just solid well reasoned advice to improve confidence in all aspects of your life. The course was notable in that, instead of focusing on one specific method of generating confidence as many do, it took a holistic approach which touched on every aspect of life, physical and mental, and how you can make changes to see real tangible results in your life. I was left with immediately actionable information which I could apply. A very well put together course."

Brendan R.
Senior Accounts Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

This program will work for you, if you're willing to do the work. There is no magic wand for change, and if you do the work, you'll see results. I’m so confident in your success...

I have a 30 day money back guarantee. A risk-free way for you to see the benefits yourself. If you can prove you followed each step, and it didn't work for you, I will give you a full refund.

You have unlimited access for as long as I'm in business. None of us know the future, but as long as I am around, you will have access. 

From the very first module, you will be given tasks to start seeing immediate changes in your confidence. 

Every video is under 20 minutes. They’re easy to consume, and easier to take action on.

All you need to get started is you. 

What are you waiting for? The more you delay saying yes, the longer your results will take.


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