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My nickname growing up was Mouse...

Because I was so shy, so insecure, I was afraid to use my own voice. This carried on into my adult years and that insecurity stopped me from doing so many things that I wanted to do. 

I would look at people who were confident and think "If only I could be like them".

Then I learned that confidence is something that can be learned. It's a behaviour and when you understand how behaviour works unconsciously, you can adopt any behaviour you want. 


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"I signed up for the Total Confidence Course and loved it! It really helped give me a much needed confidence boost! I also got to have a coaching call with Teri and it was awesome! She helped me identify and break through some of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back in my business. I came out of the call feeling focused, empowered, excited to start working on the things we discussed. If you're working on building your business I highly recommend working with Teri!"

Jaclyn Zubiena
Jaclyn Zubiena Coaching

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