Your Dream is Your Gift

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Motivation | 0 comments

Did you know that one third of North Americans are completely dissatisfied in their jobs? Or actually, they’re just completely dissatisfied with their lives in general? One Third of North Americans. Think about this.Maybe you’re dissatisfied right now. And the reason this bothers me is because I think about how many lives get wasted because people aren’t living  to their full potential, and how many dreams fall by the wayside because people are afraid to accomplish it, afraid to go after it or they just don’t think it’s possible. That’s not true. Anything that you can imagine for your life is absolutely 100% possible.

There’s nothing, nothing, that you can’t do if it’s what you really want. And you put in the work and effort into doing it. I mean do you think when the Wright brothers invented the plane that everyone was on board with them and thought “Oh yeah that will be easy!  That’s possible! Why couldn’t we fly?” No. They  were faced with a ton of resistance. But they did it anyway. And Walt Disney was rejected 302 times before anyone would give him financing for Disneyland. He didn’t give up because he knew it was possible.

These are examples of proof that whatever you can think of and imagine, you can absolutely accomplish. Because that’s the only way anything ever happens on this planet. Do you get that? That’s the only way anything ever happens, is created, or invented. Movements happen because somebody believes it is possible. Whatever dream you’re holding on to in your head, thinking “I could never do it.  It won’t work out. I’m not good enough. It’ll never happen!”,  is true until you make that change in your thinking, until you accept that it is absolutely possible.   Not only is it possible, but if you have some burning desire with you, some kind of dream or passion (which I’m sure you all do because you’re human) we are here to fulfill it. When you find that burning desire in you and if you don’t go after it, if you don’t fulfill that, you are doing a great disservice to our world. And that may seem a little extreme and it may seem a little dramatic but it’s true. Imagine if Mother Teresa never believed that she could help the sick and the starving. What if she never believed she could make a difference? Or, help just one person? So whatever your special thing is that you really want to do, there’s a reason you want to do it. The reason is because you’re being called to it. Because that’s your piece of this great puzzle of our planet, that is your little piece of contribution. It’s what you’re supposed to be doing to make this world a better place, a more beautiful place, a safer or healthier or more entertaining place… or whatever it is that’s your little piece of the puzzle. You need to honour that. And go for it.

I know there are some of you out there who are thinking “I don’t even know what it is because I’ve never had that burning, excited desire.” Well sometimes I think it’s so squashed down in us as children or sometimes until adulthood, you can’t feel it anymore. That’s why you work with someone like me, a professional coach, who can help you unlock your passion. I’ll help you unbury it.

This is  what living an Empowered Life is all about. Stop playing small. Stop selling yourself short. Stop buying into the misguided false belief that you’re not good enough or ready or special enough to do whatever it is you wanna do. In other words, get out of your own way. Get out of the way and let the universe guide you to where you’re supposed to be so you can enjoy a fulfilling life.
It’s not a practice life. You only get one shot at this lifetime. You get one chance to do it. So don’t sell yourself short by not fulfilling your purpose. Those dreams that are stuck deep inside  your soul, are a gift. It’s a gift for you to give to the world. And it doesn’t have to be huge. Some people think their dreams are not good enough if they don’t see them as   “big enough”. It is  really important to just recognize that any dream you have, whatever it is, that’s where your happiness lies, that’s what you need to pursue. For some that dream might be to be the best little league coach. And for others it might be to help kids who are struggling with reading or who have a learning disability. Others may  dream be to be a world renowned opera singer.  Whatever your dream is, whatever it is you want, it is absolutely possible to achieve it. You just have to believe you can and then go for it You have to actually do something about it.
Tonight, when you’re writing in your journal the  things you are grateful for, take a little bit of extra time and write down your big, crazy,  audacious dreams.. Write down what  you want. And if you’re not sure of the details of your passion and dream,   think about  what it would be if you had one. I know some of you out there are going to say you don’t have any dreams. Well, if you did have a dream, what would it be? Start with writing that one down.

Are you ready to live the Empowered Life?