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June 13-19, 2022









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Great leaders share 3 common traits:

And in the Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training, you will learn how to harness the power of all 3.


They know how to influence themselves first, and then others second. They have charisma that draws people to them. 


They are able to communicate in a way that their message gets through every time, whether communicating with 1 or with many . 

Self Mastery

They know how to achieve any goal they set their mind to, and they aren't deterred by set backs and obstacles. 

"NLP has the untapped potential for treating individual problems... it has metamorphosed into an all-purpose, self-improvement program and technology." --TIME Magazine

Why Learn NLP?

What you will learn when you attend this training and who benefits from this training.


About Teri Holland 

Often referred to as the “Queen of NLP”, Teri Holland is an exciting, dynamic transformational seminar leader, and an expert in the field of  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a successful High Performance Coach and NLP Trainer, Teri is the founder of the Teri Holland Co., and has an #1 self help podcast on iTunes, The Teri Holland Show. 

Teri Holland is an internationally recognized Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coach Trainer. 

Top 5 Female NLP Coach in Thrive Global


"This woman is a powerful influencer. she has shown me the magic of clarity and emotional control. Letting go of past negative emotions has been a game changer my life and I highly suggest you experience a Breakthrough to Success weekend with her! Teri's teaching skills are on point and she injects such a powerful energy into her delivery. Highly recommended!"

Sandi Fisher
NOURISHair Lounge

"The sales strategies that I learned in the training are incredible; they were a massive level-up for me in my business. The fear I had that would keep me back from connecting with potential clients is gone. I’ve completely revamped my strategy for sales which is working very well. I can honestly say that I didn’t think it was possible but now I am a believer. I highly recommend Teri’s training to all business owners or sales professionals that want to get that advantage they need over the competition or those that may be experiencing the same feelings of being stuck or unmotivated."

Stefano Cossalter

"I recently had the opportunity to complete the NLP Practitioner training with The Empowered Life®️ Academy, and simply put, it was life changing! This training was intense, and profound, and the most powerful healing work that I have ever done. "

Tracey Lewindon
Registered Aromatherapist

"For years I have felt that something was missing in my and in my business. The NLP Training has provided me the "missing link" to really make a difference in my clients lives. As a life coach and financial planner, I have always been able to assist others on their path, but never able to work with them to release what really holds them back. The NLP Training is a life changer, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend people invest in themselves with this training. The results are amazing. Teri you are truly an inspiration to me. You took information that appeared very difficult and delivered it in easy to understand chunks while keeping me engaged and entertained. You are truly gifted as a trainer. "

Barb Wallick
Wealth Planner and Coach

"Teri is a masterful guru! If you want to take control of your life and business and break through whatever is holding you back from living an exceptional life, Teri gives you the tools. Teri teaches you how to get results in whatever it is you want, in life or in business. If you are really ready to raise the bar, crush your goals, and propel your life forward, you need to work with Teri."

Kelli Gallant
Video Marketer | HitchFlix Media

"I took NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with Teri. The training was invaluable and I loved her style of delivery. The reason I say it was invaluable, is because through the breakthrough sessions I was able to clear a lot of hang-ups which in turn eliminated some of the physical issues I was dealing with. I had a chronic pain in my shoulder and my thumb for a few years, both are gone now. I had a strong allergy to gluten, I haven’t had any grains for many years and by ‘accident’ I found out that my allergy is completely gone now. Other allergies have cleared as well. I also was struggling with my kidney function and was at wits end, my latest lab test showed that my kidney has improved dramatically, coming close to full functionality. I experienced a paradigm shift and my life has changed permanently. This training is one of pivotal points in my life and is a great foundation upon which I can build my future. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in improving their life in one capacity or another ."

Violetta Grzesko
Transformational Coach

When you train with us, you receive 4 certifications in 1:

NLP Practitioner | Time Line Therapy® Practitioner | Hypnotherapy | NLP Coach

All of our certifications are board recognized by:

The American Board of Hynotherapy, The American Board of NLP, and the Time Line Therapy® Association.

Certification Requirements

  • Complete the NLP Online prestudy. This includes 13 video modules to be completed prior to attending the 7 day live online training. 
  • Complete the open book test while taking the pre-study. This is due day 1 of the live training.
  • Attend all of the live training sessions.
  • Successfully complete all of the exercises in the training to the best of your ability.

Pricing Options

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3 payments

$680 monthly

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Prestudy materals 

All 4 trainings: 

  1. NLP 
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Time Line Therapy® 
  4. NLP Coaching

Pay in Full

now only $1997

One time fee. Sales tax added at checkout.

Prestudy materials

All 4 trainings: 

  1. NLP 
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Time Line Therapy® 
  4. NLP Coaching


  • Powered Up Sales 
  • Total Confidence
  • Launch Your Podcast



A comprehensive list of what you will learn when you attend the Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training


The NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification –

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most practical, results oriented technology of detecting, understanding and getting in control of our conscious and unconscious thinking. We will show you how to use this with self and others — individually as a coach and to increase sales and performance in business. During our Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training you will learn:


The Basis of NLP

Fundamental assumptions from where we start. Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, your emotions and your behaviour. This is the clearest and easiest model of how people learn, communicate, change, evolve themselves, and make decisions.


The 11 principles of achieving your goals used by all successful goal setters

• The difference between goals you achieve and goals you don’t achieve

• Learn to set goals and always achieve them

• Discover how to ask questions so that your (and somebody else’s) goals become free from confusion or ambiguity.


Rapport how to create instant liking and agreement

• Instantly be able to switch onto mutual understanding with anyone you choose so that you’re message is always heard and so that you’re prospects in sales are always open to hearing your offer.

• Increase your sensitivity to body-language and its true meaning so that you have a greater understanding of how other people are communicating.

• How to use unconscious body postures so that people unconsciously      associate positively with you, your products and services.

• Identify how to use your voice tonality to build rapport (even while doing sales over the phone)

• How to create instant liking when communicating with friends, relatives, even people you don’t know. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You can gain this know like trust factor much faster and with volition.


Representational Systems

We use our 5 senses to represent internally the information from the world.

• Become aware of how our 5 senses are represented internally in the nervous system

• Discover how what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste have an influence on our physical response (whether we are conscious of the process or not) People have different preferences in how they use the 5 senses to process information internally. Learn how to match this to create instant rapport and mutual agreement in sales and in marketing copy.

• Identify and learn how do the eyes movement reflect a person’s real thoughts

• Find out how to increase creativity, flexibility and learning by using the eye patterns


Submodalities – the secret programming software of your mind

• Find out the inner encoding mechanism of your brain and take control of it

• Get rid of unwanted behaviours (like eating the wrong foods) using Submodalities

• Learn to create a sequence of instructions to modify your disempowering beliefs

• Un-useful emotional responses? Discover how to change them with the Swish Pattern


Language Patterns

The words you use show off your intellectual attributes and your personal characteristics

• The words we use are chosen unconsciously but they have a special meaning for each individual

• Learn how to recognize what type of personality is hiding behind different types of words

• Find out how to customize your speech for each individual to achieve instant acceptance communication

• Learn how to use abstract language to achieve instant agreement and induce trance easily for negotiations, and sales.

• Discover how 3 questions can help you to reveal specific information about any concealed subject (like a presenting problem)

• Challenge and overcome sales objections elegantly

• How to assist someone in changing their mind


Anchoring – how to control your feelings and your state of mind

• How to be in charge of your internal emotional state rather than being controlled by it

• Learn how to set up a personal trigger or stimulus which can move you in a specific direction

• Discover how to free yourself from an unwanted internal response to some (past or present) external trigger, like someone’s voice

• Find out how to link your strong personal resources with your ability to access them whenever you want

• Get rid of procrastination forever


NLP Practitioner Strategies

How to control your mental sequence of internal processes to create specific results


• Discover the technique of sequencing of various internal processes to create a certain result and how to make the result successful each time

• Achieve concrete and long lasting results with the help of specific strategies

• Discover and learn how to use how people buy things (the decision making strategy) from just watching their eye movements

• Learn how to sell based on your client’s strategy (rather than yours) for a more fulfilling outcome

• How to move beyond “I want this BUT I’m not sure”, “I can’t decide between these two things”


When You Study With Us, You Will Be Able to Use NLP Applications in:


• All Modes of Business including Sales and Communication

• Learning and Educational Coaching

• To Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level





2. Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training

Teri Holland is a Master Time Line Therapy® Trainer and was trained with the creator of Time Line Therapy® himself, Dr. Tad James. 

Gain total control of your life
Move through yours and others internal blocks

  • Eliminating negative emotions, beliefs and decisions
  • Make the right decisions
  • Get to know what you really want
  • Get motivated and stay motivated

Create the kind of future you really want

  • Understand your own internal time machine and how it creates your future
  • Use S-M-A-R-T criteria for making your goals come true
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Learn how to visualize your future so it’s more compelling, motivating and exciting for you




You will also learn hypnotherapy. We also include this training in Ericksonian indirect permissive Hypnotherapy, so that you can increase your results with the largest number of clients. In addition, the training allows you to receive certification as a Hypnotherapist if you choose.

This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

  • Hypnotic language patterns
  • Formal trance induction
  • Structuring suggestions for positive change
  • Embedded commands
  • Metaphors




  • How to coach a client through the NLP and Time Line Therapy® techniques
  • How to create an ongoing, lasting coaching relationship with your clients
  • The coaching cycle
  • When not to coach
  • Who is a client
  • What do when you get a client
  • Coaching agreements
  • Frames for coaching
  • How to run a coaching business


Book an info call with me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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