How Dog Training Transforms Leadership Skills

May 22, 2024
Brady Foulk, Dog Training Expert

In a recent episode of Success in Mind, I dove into an unconventional yet eye-opening interview with dog training expert Brady Foulk. A global keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and seasoned dog trainer, Brady has profoundly influenced the realms of dog training, leadership, and psychology. During the interview, Brady shared his insights on how dog training not only nurtures obedient pets but also shapes strong leaders.


About Brady Foulk:

Brady Foulk, a global keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and dog training expert that has trained hundreds of people LIVE on dog training, life, and psychology. A passionate and knowledgeable dog trainer whose expertise transcends conventional boundaries. With a rich tapestry of experience and certifications in Dog training, Lifestyle Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and ABA therapy. 

The Journey Into Dog Training

Brady’s path to becoming a dog training expert commenced with a personal challenge—controlling his unruly dog. Despite his love for dogs, his initial experience was marred by chaos and frustration.

“I got my first dog and I was like, this is going to be the best dog ever and I bought him the best food and I let him sleep in my bed because he hated his crate and  it just got worse and worse " recalls Brady.

His turning point came after discovering Susan Garrett, a world agility champion, and investing in her crate training programs. This was the beginning of Brady’s journey from a desperate dog owner to an expert trainer, working with numerous animals and even teaching pigs to paint!

Training Dogs or Training People?

When asked about the biggest challenge in his business, Brady articulated that training dogs is often easier than training their owners. Using techniques from NLP and other behavioral sciences, Brady emphasizes that dogs can learn up to 165 words and possibly more. However, it is the owners' limiting stories that need reframing. “People can create stories about why they can’t train their dogs. Stories are very powerful,” he adds. By helping owners understand their dog's capabilities, Brady ensures that both the pet and the owner succeed.

Leadership Lessons From Dog Training

One of the profound insights Brady offers is the parallel between dog training and leadership. He underscores three types of leadership: leading through intimidation, incentives, and growth. Each approach yields different results, but only growth and inspiration create sustainable, positive relationships. Reflecting on a difficult personal experience, where his dog was mistreated by a roommate, Brady stresses, “Leadership is about how you want to be remembered.” This principle is not only true in managing pets but also in fostering trust and respect in human relationships.

Embracing Curiosity Over Frustration

A pivotal piece of advice from Brady is to “get curious when you get furious.” Frustration often arises from wanting results faster than they materialize, whereas curiosity opens the door to learning and adaptation. Brady shares an illustrative example relevant to everyone: assembling IKEA furniture. He suggests taking a break and approaching the problem with curiosity to find a more elegant solution. “The only people who don’t have problems are in cemeteries. We are just looking for better quality problems,” he quips.

Insights Into Business Growth

Switching gears to the business side, Brady discusses the challenges of marketing his expertise. Initially focused on dog training, he had to learn marketing skills, emphasizing the importance of speaking the language his audience understands. By hiring experts and continuously tweaking his strategies, Brady reminds us that business growth is an ongoing journey. “You either have time or money. Invest what you have more of,” he advises, highlighting the importance of leveraging resources wisely.

Staying Motivated

Brady attributes his motivation to clearly defined values and an understanding of his ‘why.’ He emphasizes the importance of personal health, gratitude, and continuous learning. His motivation practices include using powerful affirmations and maintaining rituals that keep him focused and inspired.

Building Community

Brady is extending his impact by creating an online club and book club, sharing resources and building a community of dog enthusiasts. This platform allows for sharing wins and learning collectively, bridging the physical gap with the digital world.

Brady’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dog training—transcending beyond pets to molding effective leaders. Whether you are a dog lover or an aspiring leader, these lessons are invaluable for enriching your life and relationships. Tune into the full episode to dive deeper into Brady’s insights on leadership and dog training.




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