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NLP Training

A resource for bar-raising game changers. Where success means connecting with and bringing out the best in yourself and others.

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Personal Breakthrough Session

In the Personal Breakthrough Session, we will tackle one specific problem, which when disconnected, will have a massive impact in all areas of your life.

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Breakthrough Weekend

2 transformational days that will teach you powerful techniques for letting go of anything that is getting in your way of success so that you can create the life you want!

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Performance Products

Take control of the things in your life that are holding you back from living the life that you want to live, be it in a professional or personal capacity.

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Teri Holland is a Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy near Vancouver, BC

You have a BIG DREAM and you crave freedom, you know you're destined for more in life, but there's just one problem: You feel stuck. You don't know how to get what you want. You're overwhelmed by day to day life and no matter what you do, you find yourself stuck in the same place.

This is where I come in.

30 minutes can change your life!


Trainer of NLP

Trainer of Hypnotherapy


Time Line Therapy® Trainer

Trainer of NLP Coaching

Master Life Coach

Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner

Helping You Achieve Success

Isn't it time you started to live the life you WANT to LIVE?

Hi! I'm Teri Holland, I help people to move from where they are, to where they want to be in a short period of time so that they can accomplish their goals and live the life they deserve!

Through my Coaching and Training programs, you will:

Get Clear on exactly what you want and clear away the "stuff" that's holding you back, take action toward what you want and gain the confidence to do it, and learn powerful techniques to become laser focused to create the life you want.

My training and experience as a Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Trainer, NLP Coach Trainer and Master Life Coach have given me the tools to help my clients to live a fully EMPOWERED LIFE!

My previous clients have:

Created new, exciting careers

Doubled and tripled their income in a short time period

Changed their health and overcome diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other life style diseases

Created healthy, fulfilling relationships

Found new energy and a new passion for life

Do you want to join them?

What Others Say About Me

Teri Holland does amazing work in coaching people on how to take control of their own destiny. Teri understands how the balance between mental and physical self-care is critical for peak performance both at work and at home. Her insights are invaluable to a universal audience; Teri really does great work.

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on The Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial and Pioneer of the "As Seen on TV" Brand.

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The Empowered Life® Blog

So What is NLP Anyway?

When I first heard of NLP, I had no idea what it was. "Neuro Linguistic Programming... you're going to program my mind? Is that like brainwashing?" I had just hired a coach to work with to help me overcome some fear and anxiety. Ok, a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety....

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The #1 Reason Most Entrepreneurs Fail

Do you want to know the #1 reason why most entrepreneurs fail to reach their goals? It's the same reason why most people fail to reach any goal they set. I'll tell you what it is in a minute... but first, I want to tell you about a conversation I had recently with a...

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