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Become a certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and NLP Coach. Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels.

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"Teri is a masterful guru! If you want to take control of your life and business and break through whatever is holding you back from living an exceptional life, Teri gives you the tools. Teri teaches you how to get results in whatever it is you want, in life or in business. If you are really ready to raise the bar, crush your goals, and propel your life forward, you need to work with Teri."

Kelli Gallant
HitchFlix Media | Video Marketing

"This woman is a powerful influencer. she has shown me the magic of clarity and emotional control. Letting go of past negative emotions has been a game changer my life and I highly suggest you experience a Breakthrough to Success weekend with her! Teri's teaching skills are on point and she injects such a powerful energy into her delivery. Highly recommended!"

Sandi Fisher
NOURISHair Lounge

"Life is so much better since The Breakthrough to Success weekend and all that has transpired since then has been amazing. The universe sure has shifted. I am so focused with my business and success is just happening naturally. I just have a completely different life and it's amazing!"

Kimberlea Master
Entrepreneur / Health Coach

"The sales strategies that I learned in the training are incredible; they were a massive level-up for me in my business. The fear I had that would keep me back from connecting with potential clients is gone. I’ve completely revamped my strategy for sales which is working very well. I can honestly say that I didn’t think it was possible but now I am a believer. I highly recommend Teri’s training to all business owners or sales professionals that want to get that advantage they need over the competition or those that may be experiencing the same feelings of being stuck or unmotivated."

Stefano Cossalter
Entrepreneur / Public Speaking Coach

"I recently had the opportunity to complete the NLP Practitioner training with The Empowered Life®️ Academy, and simply put, it was life changing! This training was intense, and profound, and the most powerful healing work that I have ever done. "

Tracey Lewindon
Registered Aromatherapist

"For years I have felt that something was missing in my and in my business. The NLP Training has provided me the "missing link" to really make a difference in my clients lives. As a life coach and financial planner, I have always been able to assist others on their path, but never able to work with them to release what really holds them back. The NLP Training is a life changer, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend people invest in themselves with this training. The results are amazing. Teri you are truly an inspiration to me. "

Barb Wallick
Wealth Planner and Coach

"She’s an exquisite instructor, a passionate, straightforward leader, and an empowered businesswoman who commands respect as effortlessly as she offers it in turn. She has this unbelievable way of cutting to the core of issues then guiding a person towards their own empowerment. When you engage with her, you shine brighter because she is open and steadfast about the vast wellspring of potential inside everyone she works with."

Melissa Wideen
Professional Writer

"I took NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with Teri. The training was invaluable and I loved her style of delivery. The reason I say it was invaluable, is because through the breakthrough sessions I was able to clear a lot of hang-ups which in turn eliminated some of the physical issues I was dealing with. I had a chronic pain in my shoulder and my thumb for a few years, both are gone now. I had a strong allergy to gluten, I haven’t had any grains for many years and by ‘accident’ I found out that my allergy is completely gone now. Other allergies have cleared as well. I also was struggling with my kidney function and was at wits end, my latest lab test showed that my kidney has improved dramatically, coming close to full functionality. I experienced a paradigm shift and my life has changed permanently. This training is one of pivotal points in my life and is a great foundation upon which I can build my future. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in improving their life in one capacity or another ."

Violetta Grzesko
Transformational Coach

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