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Member of the Speakers Bureau of Canada 

About Teri

Often referred to as "The Queen of NLP", Teri Holland ¬†has studied¬†Mind Performance and Life Enhancement for over a decade and has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Teri is the creator and host of a #1 Self Improvement¬†Podcast on iTunes, Success in Mind, and the founder of the Teri Holland Co. Teri has trained with Master Trainer, Dr. Tad James and is a Board Certified Trainer NLP, Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Master Time Line Therapy¬ģ Trainer¬†and NLP Coach Trainer. Teri is passionate about improving the mental wellness of entrepreneurs so that they can thrive.¬†

Most Requested Keynotes

The Secrets To Manifest Your Future

3 powerful mindset shifts to create the future you want! Learn the true secrets to getting what you want out of life. 

The Power Of Words On Mental Health

Our words not only describe the world we live, they create it. By consciously changing our words, we can dramatically change out perspective on life. 

How to Grow Your Business Through Podcasting

Share your message with the world. Podcasting is the fastest and simplest way to grow a global audience.

"From the moment Teri walks into the  room, she attracts the attention of everyone in her audience. She is a charismatic and  inspirational motivator." "

Reg Boaler
Boaler Inc.

"Teri Holland is a magical presenter. You can almost see people changing as she speaks. Highly recommended if you want to engage, inspire and entertain your audience all at the same time."

Stefano Cossalter
Tracks Inc.

"Teri Holland speaks from the heart and gets you focused on you"

Carol Metz Murray
Business Coach | Speaker | Author

"I've had Teri Holland on my podcast and webcast numerous times because she's a PROFESSIONAL in her field! She is well-versed and educated, with a vast array of tools designed to help her clients evolve and get to a point where their self-esteem, confidence, and worthiness allows them to achieve at PEAK PERFORMANCE. thank-you, Teri, for you."

Dr. Mike Likey

"Teri has been a great inspiration to me any many others. Her words are inspirational and sincere. Her way of teaching and guiding quickly tells you that she is authentic."

Sandra Savage
Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach

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