Terms of Service

Training, Workshops and Online Courses

There are no refunds on trainings, seminars, or online courses offered by the Teri Holland Company. In the event that you are unable to attend a live training, and provide 24 hours notice, a full credit will be issued toward the next available training or to a service of your choice. 

The training is not guaranteed beyond 1 year of enrollment. Failure to attend a training within 1 year of enrollment may result in loss in tuition fees. 

Payment plans: Payment plans must be completed prior to attending the training. Failure to provide payment or a breach in the payment agreement will void all agreements and services will be terminated. 

Coaching Programs

For coaching packages, please refer to your client coaching agreement. 

Networking Events

There are no refunds on our networking events. If you are unable to attend, the meeting fee is forfeited.