Being Agile in a Recession Economy with Amanda Pruden

Season #8

In this episode, we dive into a thought-provoking conversation with Amanda Pruden and explore the idea of remaining agile in a recession economy. As many of us are aware, the online business space is not immune to economic downturns. 

It's crucial for business owners to understand the potential weaknesses and impacts a recession can have on their business. Amanda is here to guide us through the maze of uncertainty. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she'll share practical tips and strategies for business growth and changing direction, all while maintaining a strong mindset and resiliency.

Amanda's journey from the corporate world to supporting small businesses underscores her understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face.

About Amanda: 

Amanda Pruden is a Business Strategist and Operations Expert who partners with visionary CEOs to help them propel their businesses forward and beyond, both behind-the-scenes and publicly, for scalability and sustainability. 

Amanda spent over 13 years doing all things business while working in fancy skyscrapers for multi-billion dollar corporations. After experiencing burnout, and wanting to walk her dog every day at lunch, she left the corporate world. She has translated the structure and strategy of corporate and mixed it with the flexibility and freedom of entrepreneurship to support small businesses with people, processes, and productivity so they can achieve profits, high-performance, and peace.

Amanda also believes in supporting her clients in the power of mindset, especially an agile mindset and continuous improvement mindset for entrepreneurship.

She is also certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, and a Master Time Line Therapy® Practitioner.

Amanda is just as excited when a client tells her they took a nap on a workday as she is when a client says they doubled their income. Excellence and success looks different for everyone and Amanda is passionate about helping every client achieve their version of that.

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