Nailing Your Niche; Jodi Bourne's Roadmap to Success

Season #8

You've probably heard that you need to focus on a niche in your business. But what if you don't know what that niche is? How do you find your niche?

In this episode, we have a special guest, Jodi Bourne, a business consultant and website designer specializing in vacation rentals, glamping, and niche accommodations and host of the Savvy Host Roadmap podcast. Jodi's story is one of determination, learning, and breaking free from limitations. Join us as we explore Jodi's journey to finding her niche, her tips for entrepreneurs, and her mission to build a more professional vacation rental industry. Stay tuned for an inspiring episode filled with actionable advice on nailing your niche with Jodi Bourne on "Success in Mind." 

About Jodi Bourne:

Jodi Bourne is a Business Consultant and Website Designer specializing in vacation rentals, glamping and niche accommodations. With a rich background in business management, customer service, brand messaging and marketing and her passion for tourism and community, Jodi is driven to help hosts understand the vacation rental industry, create memorable, guest-first experiences, and build long-term business strategies so they can concentrate on what they love about hosting. Jodi’s mission is to help hosts who are passionate about providing excellent accommodations build a more professional, guest-first vacation rental industry so that everyone can experience the joy of traveling like a local.

Connect with Jodi:

Instagram: @heyjodibourne



Time stamped overview:

00:00:10 Introduction
00:03:41 Jodi summarizes life journey and marketing.
00:12:44 Working with passionate women in hospitality industry.
00:16:14 Married, struggling for clients, found passion in tourism.
00:20:43 Building websites for luxury properties uplifted Jodi's creativity.
00:24:38 Knowing your ideal client and yourself; deadlines hinder creativity.
00:28:29 Issue of "not being corporate enough" held Jodi back.
00:29:50 Authentic meetings build lasting client relationships.
00:38:19 Save money on your next vacation: find rentals through content marketing.
00:41:00 Jodi's successful podcast launch for the Savvy Host Roadmap

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