Escaping the Procrastination Trap

Season #8

In today's episode, we explore a topic that hits close to home for many entrepreneurs:  procrastination.

We dive into the reasons why procrastination is such a common struggle for entrepreneurs, including decision fatigue, fear of failure, fear of success, and perfectionism. 

Stay tuned, as we examine the underlying fears and beliefs that contribute to procrastination and discover effective techniques to overcome them. It's time to conquer procrastination and achieve the success you desire.

00:02:37 Fear of success and fear of failure.
00:03:55 Fear of failure and perfectionism breed procrastination.
00:08:14 Fear of judgment hinders success, invites procrastination.
00:13:14 Body Doubling: someone's presence increases productivity.
00:15:04 Bridge the gap from procrastination to motivation.
00:18:09 Visualization to get motivated.
00:20:35 Action before motivation, find an accountability partner.

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