Breaking Money Myths with Jennifer McCormack

Season #8

In this episode of "Success in Mind," we are joined by Jennifer McCormack and delve into the topic of women and money, exploring common beliefs and barriers that can hinder financial success.

Through the lens of kinesiology and other techniques, Jennifer uncovers the mind-body connection and provides practical strategies for rebalancing energy, enhancing cognitive function, and achieving financial independence. Whether you're looking to build a business, heal from past experiences, or simply explore your own worthiness, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you unlock your true potential.

About Jennifer McCormack:

Jennifer helps women all over the globe scale their businesses by taking their minds and energy to the next level. Guiding them through the challenges and struggles that come along with the entrepreneurial journey and helping them unapologetically sit in their power to rise and expand both themselves and their businesses alike. 

Kinesiology and hypnotherapy has also played a big role in Jennifer's own life. It's helped her from healing eczema which she's had since birth, removing pain from a car accident that left her with a sprained back, moving forward from childhood trauma. 

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Timestamped Overview:

00:02:35 Overall well-being and success.
00:06:36 Balancing independence, money, and past influences.
00:11:18 Determine your next best available goal.
00:19:13 Childhood moments shape our beliefs and potential.
00:22:55 When we regulate, we gain more time for creativity.
00:30:16 Muscle testing.
00:36:37 Your thoughts attract familiar realities in life.
00:44:02 Transforming lives through health, empowerment, and success.
00:49:27 Beliefs can influence strategy and success.
00:57:13 Loneliness in entrepreneurship
01:01:28 1-on-1 sessions or Voxer support available.

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