Cracking the Writing Code with Heather Grace Stewart

Season #8

Prepare to be inspired as Heather Grace Stewart shares her journey and wisdom on navigating the world of writing and publishing. From the challenges of self-identification as a writer to overcoming writer's block and rejection, Heather unveils the secrets to finding success in a constantly evolving industry. She delves into the intricacies of self-publishing, the importance of authenticity on social media, and the power of building a personal brand. 

Join us in this engaging conversation as Heather Grace Stewart weaves tales of her own experiences, offering invaluable advice for aspiring authors and artists alike. Don't miss this episode of "Success in Mind" as we unlock the secrets to achieving greatness in the world of writing with the extraordinary bestselling author, speaker and author coach, Heather Grace Stewart.

About Heather Grace Stewart:

Heather was born in Ottawa and has lived in and around Montréal for 26 years. As a poet and novelist, she’s inspired by family, nature, and how digital technology both enhances and hinders relationships.

Edwin Cove and Sunset Ridge, the settings for her sixth and most recent romantic comedy novel Lucky, were based on the beautiful rural Ontario and Quebec towns she has lived in and explored all of her life. She now lives on an island near Montreal with Bill, Finn and Marmie: the cat at the sunroom window. 

In her free time she enjoys inline skating by the St. Lawrence River in summer, and dancing while cooking to keep warm in winter.

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Timestamped Overview:

03:22 Starting out young.
07:02 We need more realness in today's society.
12:43 Encouragement to write a novel.
16:50 Publishing journey leads to unexpected sequel.
28:19 Two parts: emotional writing, building Instagram.
35:44 Creating memorable content helps sell products.
39:30 Person tests before buying.
46:01 The role of online platforms and social media.
53:14 Avoid editing while writing to prevent blocks.