The Hard Parts of Entrepreneurship

Season #8

Let's talk about the challenges and hard parts of entrepreneurship that are often not talked about. We'll talk about the emotional impact of losing a client and the difficulty of ending client relationships. I'll share my personal experiences and struggles with grief and offers insights into how to cope with the loss of a client. We'll also explores the idea of setting boundaries in client relationships and explore the need for rituals to honor the completion of a coaching relationship. 


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  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely and challenging, and it's important to talk about the hard parts that are often not discussed.
  • Losing a client can be emotionally difficult, and it's important to acknowledge and process the grief that comes with it.
  • Forming connections with clients is natural and beneficial, but it can make the end of a client relationship feel like a breakup.
  • Setting boundaries and finding rituals to honor the completion of a coaching relationship may help in coping with the emotional impact.


00:00 Introduction
03:50 The Challenge of Time Management
06:15 Handling the Loss of a Client
18:01 The Emotional Impact of Ending Client Relationships
20:53 Exploring Alternatives
24:22 Coping Strategies
25:21 Upcoming Episodes

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