The Life Changing Magic of Making Bread

Season #8

Let's explore the transformative power of breadmaking. I have been on a journey of learning to make sourdough bread and now it has become a meditative practice for me. Breadmaking requires mindfulness, presence, and a connection to the physical world, providing a sense of calm and nourishment. 

There are parallels between breadmaking and entrepreneurship, both require patience, resilience, and creativity.

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00:00 Introduction: The Magic of Breadmaking

02:04 Breadmaking as a Meditative Practice

03:30 Mindfulness and Presence in Breadmaking

04:00 The Act of Shaping and Creating

05:21 Breadmaking as a Sensory Experience

06:15 Patience and Acceptance in Breadmaking

08:41 Creativity and Personal Expression

09:21 Breadmaking as a Metaphor for Entrepreneurship

10:27 Embracing the Slow Rise: Patience and Perseverance

11:24 Kneading Dough: Strength and Adaptability

12:23 Experimentation and Innovation

14:00 Community and Support in Breadmaking and Business

15:07 Conclusion: Let Breadmaking Inspire Your Path to Success

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