Is NLP Manipulation?

nlp nlptraining Nov 01, 2019

I am asked this question often, "is NLP manipulation?"

And the answer is no. NLP is not manipulation. 

However, NLP can be used in manipulation, but NLP itself is not manipulation. 

NLP is no more manipulation than a hammer is manipulation. Can a hammer be used as a weapon? Absolutely. Can a hammer be used to build things? Absolutely. The difference is in who is holding that hammer and their intention for using it. 

NLP is the same. It can be used in manipulation and it can be used to create deep and profound change in people allowing them to achieve excellence in all areas of their lives and it depends on who is using it and what is their intention. 

In our school of NLP, we believe in ecology which is the study of consequences on 4 levels: the individual, their inner circle, the larger community and the environment. This adds an element of responsibility and care when using NLP. 

In a win/win scenario there is no manipulation. How could there be when each party involved is achieving their desired outcome? Couple this with ecology and there is no room within our trainings for manipulation. 

What is important to know though, is that NLP has and is being used for manipulation by high ranking government officials and the best marketers in the world. They convince you who to vote for, how to shop, what to buy and what to believe. 

The best way to NOT be manipulated in this way is to learn and understand the very tools they are using to manipulate your mind. If you don't want to be manipulated, and if you want to have full freedom of thought, then learning NLP is the answer. 

You see once you know it and have a deep understanding of it, you can no longer be manipulated.

If you're interested in learning more about how NLP can help you achieve excellence in all areas of your life, book a call with us today to see if our trainings are the right fit for you.

Stay Well.




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