How To Take A Break From Your Business Without Blowing It Up

business performance Nov 20, 2022
How to take a break from your business over the holidays

The holiday season is looming. How do you take a break without blowing up your business in the process?

You might be thinking...

"I have worked hard all year, I deserve a break"

"I should be able to enjoy the holidays"

"The holidays are only once a year"

And you would be right!

You DO deserve a break, you SHOULD be able to enjoy the holidays, it IS only once a year.

So take a break... but make it a real break. 

How to take a break this holiday season:

  • Schedule it. Block it off on your calendar and do not compromise this. Do it early before your calendar gets filled with appointments. 
  • Notify your clients. Give them ample notice. (Pssst... clients mine is going out today)
  • Work just a little bit harder now to set yourself up for a complete break. Set up your email campaigns, batch create content and schedule it to be posted, start filling your calendar for January. Your future holiday self will thank you for putting in the extra time now. 

"When you work, work; when you play, play. Don't mix the two" -Jim Rohn

The problem with coasting:

The problem that I see too often with entrepreneurs this time of year is that they coast through to the end of the year. November 1st comes along... holiday decorations start to appear, the stores are filled with holiday cheer, the TV is running Hallmark Christmas movies 24/7 and parties begin to fill your calendar. 

We get into entrepreneurship for 2 reasons. 

  1. Time freedom
  2. Money freedom

And while coasting along for 2 months might feel like freedom, it is far from it. 

Moment of truth time. 

If you coast along now until the end of the year, will you truly be able to take a break? Or will you spend your holidays feeling the pressure mounting of not making money, not filling your calendar and have to start fresh in January? 

Freedom is not spending your time stressed and worried. 

Freedom is doing what you want, when you want, joyfully and having the resources to do it. And in order to create the life of freedom requires something of you. It requires discipline, focus and strategy. Coasting along is the opposite of this. Coasting is what keeps entrepreneurs trapped in the land of uncertainty, chasing money, never having enough and burning out. 

"An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion". -Sir Isaac Newton's first law of motion.

Coasting will cost you time. 6-8 weeks of productivity at the end of the year will cost you another 2-4 weeks in January to shake off the holiday fog and to get back up to speed. That's 3 months of potential, lost. 

By taking the time now to work just a little bit harder to set yourself up for a real break over the holidays, your business will have the momentum for you to hit the ground running in January, and you will be rested and ready to reap the rewards. 




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