What You Need To Achieve Your Goals

Nov 28, 2022

 Goal: an aim or an end in mind

Aim; relates to direction

End; relates to outcome

Have you ever set a goal and got exactly what you wanted?

Have you ever set a goal and got nothing even close to you wanted?

What’s the difference between the two?

When you understand the difference, you make any goal happen.

There are 5 requirements to successful goal achievement:

1. Congruent Self Image

Your self image is the image you see of yourself in your mind. You cannot outperform your self image. However you see yourself will determine your behaviour and your results.

2. Let go of the how

Your job is to know what you want. Your job is not to know how you will get it. Let go of the how and focus on the what. It’s the domain of your unconscious mind to figure out the how and then to give you nudges so that you take…

3. Take inspired action.

You must take action. Without action nothing happens. Even when you don’t see the path forward. Even when you can’t see the next step forward.

4. Have certainty.

You have to believe, with absolute certainty that it will happen. Not 80% certainty, not 99%, you need to have 100% certainty.

5. Persistence.

Most people quit too soon. The moment you decide what you want, an obstacle will appear on the path to getting it. For most people, this is the point they quit at. When you get through the obstacle, you will realize it was never really obstacle but rather the path to achievement.

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