10 Ways To Keep The Entrepreneur Drive Warm This Winter

entrepreneurship mindset Nov 02, 2023

Let’s talk about something we don’t usually put on the business agenda - the winter blues. It's that time of year when the days get shorter, the temperature drops, and our go-getter spirit seems to hibernate.

And I know, I know... it's only fall. It's not even winter yet. But as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, let's not see your motivation drop too. By adopting these strategies early on, you'll have the habits and behaviours in place to beat the cold when winter really does arrive. 

Here are some cozy tips to keep you fired up over these next few months. 

1. Lighten up. Literally. 

First off, let’s talk sunshine. Or the lack of it, which can seriously mess with our moods. Try to catch those rays whenever they peek out. Whether it's stepping outside for a morning coffee or positioning your desk near a window, soaking in that natural light can do wonders for your mental health. And if the sun is playing hard to get, a light therapy lamp can be like your personal little sunshine. The lack of sunlight during winter can affect your circadian rhythms and lead to feelings of depression or lethargy, commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Counter this by maximizing your exposure to natural light.

2. Get structured.

Now, I know how tempting it is to throw routines out of the frosted window when it’s dark before dinner time. But let’s try to stick to a schedule. Keeping your sleep, work, and workout times regular is like giving your body and brain a heads-up that it’s business as usual. And if you don't have a routine, now could be a good time to start experimenting with different routines to help you focused and energized throughout the day. 

3. Activate your body.

Speaking of working out, don't let the cold weather make you a couch potato. Get moving! Find an indoor workout you love, or bundle up and brave the elements for some crisp air. Your endorphin levels will thank you, and you'll be primed to tackle your tasks. Even just 30 minutes of intentional movement each day has proven to have a positive impact on mental health. If you make that 30 minutes a walk outside, you'll also benefit from the sunlight. 

4. Nourish to flourish. 

Food-wise, winter is the season of comfort eating, but don't let comfort turn into a food coma. Colder weather tends to have us reaching for more starchy foods and overindulgence in them can lead to feeling sluggish. Keep the fruits, veggies, and proteins in check. It's all about that balance so you can stay sharp and energized, but this doesn't mean depriving yourself either. Enjoy your favourite comfort foods in balance. 

5. Breakdown your goals. 

With the long winter, sometimes our yearly goals look as daunting as climbing Everest. Here's a trick: chop those goals into tiny bits. Small victories are still victories, and they'll keep you rolling. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of accomplishing your goals before year end, it might be time to re-evaluate those goals into what is achievable. 

6. Warm up new skills.

Ever thought of picking up a new skill when it's blustery outside? It could be the perfect time to dive into a new course or hobby. The cognitive engagement of acquiring a new skill is a powerful antidote to the winter doldrums. Whether it's a professional skill like coding or a personal passion like painting, growth and learning can be incredibly energizing. It’s like turning the cold months into your personal growth incubator. And what could be better than curling up with a good book in front of a cozy fire?

7. Connect and network.

Let’s not forget the power of human connection. The winter can make us want to hibernate, but don't let it become an isolating time. Hop on calls, join networking sessions, or just chat with friends. A little conversation can be the spark that keeps you warm, both inside and out. Soon we'll be heading into the holiday party season and there will be plenty of events to fill your social calendar.

8. Embrace the pause. 

Sure, winter's chill is a good excuse to slow down a bit, but let's see it as strategic pausing. Use this quieter time to reflect, strategize, and plan your next moves. When you're sprinting ahead the rest of the year, these moments are golden. I like to use this final months of the year to reflect, set goals and set my next years business plan. 

9. Seek professional support. 

If the blues are hitting hard, there's zero shame in reaching out for professional help. Mental health is key to keeping our entrepreneurial spirit alive. There’s no need to struggle alone. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and support can provide strategies to manage your mood and wellbeing.

10. Celebrate your wins. 

And lastly, celebrate everything you do - every little win, every big win. The psychological boost from recognizing and celebrating success can be a powerful combatant against the winter blues.

There you have it. Winter doesn’t have to be a business downer. With a few tweaks, we can keep the entrepreneurial fire burning bright. Here’s to staying warm, motivated, and ahead of the game – no matter what the weather throws at us!



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