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What is NLP?

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

When I first heard of NLP, I had no idea what it was.

"Neuro Linguistic Programming... you're going to program my mind? Is that like brainwashing?"

I had just hired a coach to work with to help me overcome some fear and anxiety. Ok, a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety. I hired him because he was a hypnotherapist, I had no idea what those 3 letters next to hypnotherapist on his card meant. NLP.

I am so grateful that NLP came into my life, because it completely transformed it. So much so that I was inspired to become a practitioner, then a master practitioner and now a trainer of NLP.

So what is it?

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro- Your neurology. Your human nervous system.

Linguistic- Language. The words you use to label your experiences, to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with others and how you communicate with yourself.

Programming- How your language programs your neurology to create behaviour and get results.

Simply put, NLP is the study of...

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Perfection is the Enemy of Execution

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

I remember when I was a kid, coming home with a test one day and I was so proud because I got 98% and my dad said to me, "Where's the other two percent? What didn't you know?” Instantly I decided that anything less than 100% just wasn’t good enough. I decided that if I wasn’t going to do something perfectly, it wasn’t worth doing at all. 

Have you ever fell in that trap?

In my business, I wouldn’t try anything knew unless I thought I could do it perfectly the first time. I did become perfect at something though...

I became a perfect procrastinator.

I had so many plans, so many dreams…I knew exactly what I wanted to do… but everything I put together wasn’t perfect, I felt it wasn’t worth doing at all.

I would agonize over anything new until either I knew I would do it perfectly or until the opportunity passed me by. I missed out on a lot of opportunities. 

I knew that if I wanted to reach my target audience, I had to...

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